5 Steps to Master Your marketing - Get your business seen with success & confidence!

A 5 Step Marketing Course designed to build your confidence & get you successfully marketing your creative small business

What you'll achieve

Learn the actual steps you can take and activities you can carry out that will positively impact your business quickly and easily. Be guided through how to implement marketing strategies and techniques that will allow you to confidently & successfully market your creative small business.

Give yourself and your small business the very best chance to not only grow and thrive but for you to enjoy the process and feel truly successful.
When we work in our business it can be very difficult to focus on certain areas, especially those we find the most challenging, and I know from the many and varied conversations I've had with small business owners over the years, that marketing is one of the areas of running your business that can provide the most headaches and the most stress.

By being guided through the 5 main elements of marketing you'll be given a brand new understanding of how it all works, how you can spend less time doing the activities you least like and spend more time focusing on building your business.

Reduce your overwhelm

Stop feeling overwhelmed by 'all the things' you feel you need to do in order to successfully promote your creative small business. Learn the tasks and activities that will actually add value to your business and will save you time in the long term.

Increase your confidence

Feel more confident when posting on social media, writing emails, creating copy for your website, designing product descriptions and even writing blog posts. Each element of marketing is broken down into easy to handle sections with worksheets, hints & tips, ideas & inspiration.

Increase engagement

Start to really see some uplift in interaction and engagement on your social profiles. Get your perfect people to see you, to know what you do and to want to buy from you. Be confident creating online ads for your business without it taking over your whole day.



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Stephen Watson

Current and very very knowledgable

Online marketing changes very quickly and keeping up to date with trends and the dreaded algorithm is a nightmare. Lucy is aware of this, and what grounds her to me is that she understands marketing before we all went digital. She balances the new methods with the old and gets great results. To summarise she knows her stuff, she is an amazing listener, rather understatedly intelligent, friendly and she is so passionate about other peoples business's, this is where she gets a buzz from her work. If you are sitting on the fence wondering if one of Lucy's courses is for you, I would say jump, you won't regret it. Steve David Artist and business owner Lazybones Clothing

1 year ago

Course Curriculum

Lucy Pimblott

Over 20 years of marketing experience including running my own creative small business.

I know you find some of the tasks of marketing a chore and would rather be sprinkling the world with glitter but they need doing. 

Marketing for Creatives courses will enable you to be able to spend less time on those tasks and carry them out confidently and successfully! 

Course Pricing

5 Steps to Master your Marketing


  • Master Marketing for your creative small business in 5 easy to follow modules

    • Social Media
    • Websites - design, build, SEO...
    • Email Marketing
    • Online Adverts
    • Your Marketing Mindset
    • BONUS resources
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